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Off-Campus Access: Traveling with OWU Libraries

Conducting research from abroad? Taking your Sagan course out of the country? Or just wanting to get some work done from the comfort of your own home? Near or far, the OWU Libraries have your research and information needs covered.

Citation Style Guides Online

The OWU Libraries provide links to many authoratative online citation guides for most all of the major citation styles. While these online guides may not be as detailed as the citation style manual, they should provide enough instructions for citing many of the most common resources (books, journals, web sites, etc.)

OWU's Citation Guides

Citation Guides for Special Items

Citing Maps

When maps are used, the source of the map must be credited or cited.  This document will describe how to cite the maps used and encountered by Geography students.  Formats are given followed by citation examples.


Citing Digital Images, Chicago Style

Digital images, regardless of how they are found or obtained, must be cited when used.