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Book (1 author):

Mason, Karen O. 1974. Women's Labor Force Participation and Fertility. Research Triangle Park, NC: National Institutes of Health.

Book Chapter:

Palacios, Wilson R., Chinita Heard, and Dorothy L. Taylor. 2003. "At a Crossroad: Affirmative Action and Criminology." Pp. 415-29 in Crime Control and Social Justice: The Delicate Balance, edited by D. F. Hawkins, S. L. Myers, Jr., and R. N. Stone. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

Print Journal Article:

Fine, Gary Alan and Kent Sandstrom. 1993. "Ideology in Action: A Pragmatic Approach to a Contested Concept." Sociological Theory 11(1):21-38.

Newspaper/Magazine Article:

Guiles, Melinda and Krystal Miller. 1990. "Mazda and Mitsubishi-Chrysler Venture Cut Output, Following Big Three's Lead." Wall Street Journal, January 12, pp. A2, A12.

Anderson, Elijah. 1994. "The Code of the Streets." Atlantic Monthly, May 1994, pp. 81-94.

Government Document:

General Accounting Office. 1990. Death Penalty Sentencing: Research Indicates Pattern of Racial Disparities. GGD-90-57. Washington, DC: General Accounting Office.

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