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Special Collections Department Guide for Student Classes

Using the online OWU Transcript

Getting in:

  1. Link to the OH5 Newspapers collection.
  2. Go to
    • Type "The Transcript" in the search box and hit <Enter>
    • Click on the first result: The Transcript - The Transcript is OWU's student newspaper. Digitized copies of the paper dating back to 1867 are available online
  3. Go to

Searching: (example -- looking for articles on Vietnam)

  • Select Advanced Search.

Advanced Search is on the top right of the page, below the search bar


  • Specify the Newspaper Collection by unchecking "Select All Collections" and checking the "Student Newspapers" box.  Then hit the Save button.

Check the box next to Student Newspapers only, then hit the Save Button


  • In the Enter Search Term section, select 'Source' from the dropdown.  Enter 'wesleyan' in the text field as shown.  This will allow you to search just the Ohio Wesleyan newspapers.

Specify the source you are searching as 'Wesleyan' using the Enter Search Term section.


  • Use the 'Add Row' button to add another field and type in your keyword.  You can add additional search terms by hitting the 'Add Row' button again.

Use the 'Add Row' button below the 'Enter Search Term' field to input more search terms.


  • You may also limit by date using the 'Enter Date' field.  Specifying dates can help limit results by recency or range.

  • Click on 'Search'.


Your results will appear in order by newspaper title. Use the 'Sort By' dropdown menu to change the order of the results.  For example, 'Date Ascending' sorts results from earliest issue to most recent.  Use Next to move from one page of results to the next.

To view an issue, click on the thumbnail. The location of your term will be highlighted in coral on the page. Use the diagonal arrow button in the top-right corner of the page image to zoom in and out. Left click on your mouse to move around the page.

Note: The page(s) where your term appears will be marked with a red sidebar in the page list on the right hand side of the screen.