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LGBTQIA+ Resources for OWU Students

The Spectrum Resource Center serves as a nexus to bring together resources and information for OWU's LGBTQIA+ community. The Center houses a variety of books, pamphlets, magazines, and videos on LGBTIQA-related issues and topics that are readily available for use by the campus community. The Center also provides a trained staff capable of assisting students in dealing with personal issues or with personal issues beyond the scope of the Center: counseling, STD testing, social alternatives, mentoring.

Room 218
Hamilton-Williams Campus Center
40 Rowland Ave
Delaware, OH 43015

The Ohio Wesleyan community is comprised of many diverse groups. Among these groups are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer/questioning persons. Their presence is not a question but a clearly demonstrated fact. Like any other minority group, LGBTIQA persons face certain issues that the majority does not, including violence, discrimination, invisibility, and isolation. Thus, there is a need within the Ohio Wesleyan community for a service that comprehensively and safely addresses these concerns. The purpose of the Spectrum Resource Center is to help provide LGBTIQA persons, their friends, their families, and allies with tools to address LGBTIQA-related issues and to assist in educating the campus community at large.

Spectrum Resource Center Objectives

  • Facilitate interaction between LGBTIQA groups and other student groups on campus and with other local and national organizations
  • Provide reference materials
  • Sponsor LGBTIQA programming on campus
  • Meet the urgent need for clearly recognized LGBTIQA safe zones on campus
  • Incorporate LGBTIQA issues into curricular and co-curricular learning