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JOUR 110: Fundamentals of Journalism


Read three different pieces (attachments below and linked on the assignment sheet). Determine the following: 

  1. Is the piece is fact or opinion?
  2. Are the selected information stated as facts in the piece correct and trustworthy? 
  3. What is the goal of the piece?
  4. How has the writer presented the facts in their piece? 

Assignment is due Thursday, November 21st. We will be going over your findings in class that day.

Assignment sheet is available as an MS Word Doc and a PDF. Use whichever format you prefer.

Below are the articles you need to read, fact check, and evaluate for the assignment.

Four Moves for Fact-checking

Fact Checkers Image Search Further Reading


SciCheck (a part of

Global Fact-Checking Database (a fact-checker of fact-checkers from Duke Reporters Lab)

Google Image


First Draft Visual Reference Guide

How do I know that information is reliable? 

Ten Questions for Fake News Detection

From Digital Resource Center, Center for News Literacy, Stony Brook University:

From First Draft: