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JOUR 110: Fundamentals of Journalism


This assignment will ask you to assess the reliability and veracity of various sources of information: websites of associations, images on the web, and social media posts. Answer the questions on the worksheet, available below, and bring to class next week to discuss. 

Links for the assignment:

Worksheet is available as an MS Word Doc and a PDF. Use whichever format you prefer.

Assignment answers

  1. Let's find out about these organizations first
    AAP: 90 year old organization; 66K members; guides on physician care and advocacy; search
    ACP: 15 yr old organization; no member numbers or funding info; care based on importance of heterosexuality and heterosexual marriage; search (snopes)
    Trustworthiness? AAP
  2. Was this actually a picture of daisies in Japan? Yes
    Google Image search
    National Geographic
    Were they affected by radiation? Maybe. Fasciation (the mutation) is not necessarily caused by radiation, and the area this flower was in did not have significantly higher radiation levels.
  3. What is this: Opinion with a touch of research/fact (political advocacy org publicizing a poll they commissioned)
    Press release
    Poll did the poll information support the assertion of the tweet?
    Polling company
    Useful? With context, somewhat