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Study Spaces

Beeghly Group Study Spaces

1st Floor

Adjacent to the Reference Areas.  Provides large study tables, ample power supply, soft seating, and lots of natural light during the day.

2nd Floor Balcony

Directly above the "Information Commons".  This area has ample power supply (along railing bottom) and lots of natural light during the day.


Periodicals Area

Adjacent to the print periodical collection.  Well lit with large study tables

Group Study Rooms 

Study room 1: the 'ICEcube'

Study room 2 (2nd floor)

Study Room 3 (3rd floor)


Beeghly library offers three group study rooms which can be reserved.  They each feature a large conference table and ample power supply.  The 'ICEcube' includes a large flatscreen monitor and table with power ring.


Hobson Group Study Spaces

Group Study Rooms

Two study rooms are available.  Each has a large study table, ample power supply, and white board.