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PHYS 498: Scholarly Communication in Physics: The Review Articles

Review Articles

Review articles summarize recent developments.  They are useful because of their extensive bibliographies.  Reviews articles can be published in ordinary physics journals as well as journals specialized in review articles. A few of these are:

Annual Series 

  • Advances in Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Advances in Nuclear Physics
  • Annual Review of Energy
  • Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science
  • Methods of Experimental Physics

Reviewing Journals

  • Contemporary Physics
  • Progress in Nuclear Physics
  • Progress in Physics
  • Physics Reports
  • Reports on Progress in Physics
  • Reviews of Modern Physics

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews articles:

  • Capture current understanding of a topic, including what is well supported and what is controversial;
  • Set the work in historical context;
  • Highlight the major questions that remain to be addressed and the likely course of research in upcoming years; and
  • Outline the practical applications and general significance of research to society.

Who uses Annual Reviews?

  • Researchers who want to keep abreast of their field and integrate this information with their own activities;
  • Researchers who want an introduction to new fields, with a view to developing an interface between different areas of research;
  • Students at all levels who want to gain a thorough understanding of a topic; and
  • Business people, journalists, policy makers, practitioners, patients and patient advocates, and others who wish to be informed about developments in research.

Source: Annual Reviews Web site