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Sociology/Anthropology : SOAN 360

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SOAN 360 Paper (30% of final grade)

SOAN 360 Social and Cultural Change

Paper (25% of final grade): You will write a paper of 12 - 15 pages that focuses on an example of social / cultural change. The topic is open ended and I will assist you with determining your topic (see below), but the general idea is to find an institution or concept and examine the changes it has gone through within a specific period of time. You will find examples about these changes, and use the approaches that you have learned to explain them. The more specific your question, the better. Some examples could be analyzing the changes in: urban design, gender roles, health care, school curricula, ideas regarding beauty, forms of religious expression, representation of different ethnic groups in the media, etc.

Proposal: In week 8, you will email me a 3-page paper proposal. In the proposal you will state the topic you want to focus on, explain why this is an important topic and discuss how it is related to social and cultural change, and how it is a sociological (rather than purely economic, political, etc.) issue. You will also discuss your preliminary findings. The proposal will also include a list of sources you are intending to use in your paper. The list will include at least 3 books published by university presses and 5 papers published in academic journals. You are encouraged to consult Jillian Maruskin (Beeghly Library) for assistance at this stage of the research.


Women's Rights

Relevant subject headings:

Womens Rights

Womens Rights United States History

Womens Rights Cross Cultural Studies

Women Social Conditions

Women Social Conditions United States

Note:  If you're interested in a particular country, simply do a SUBJECT search for Womens Rights and then the name of the country.  For example, Womens Rights England.