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PG 279: Political Inquiry: Scholarly Articles & Credible Sources

Credible Sources: Are They C.R.A.A.P?

The CRAAP test had its origins with librarians in California wanting to help students successfully evaluate and find reliable information. The test has seen many variations but in general if something is CRAAP, that's a good thing! CRAAP stands for the following:








These are the types of things you want to check for, regardless of source type (books, articles, web sites, blogs, etc.) Below, you will find a worksheet providing further explanation of each concept and its criteria. 

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles are something you will be asked to find and use throughout your college and professional lives. However, determining whether an article is scholarly or not, takes some practice. Below is a helpful web guide for deciding whether an article is scholarly and comes from a scholarly resource.

NCSU Libraries

The YouTube video was posted by Lincoln Memorial University's Carnegie Vincent Library.