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Digital Commons @ OWU

What to Submit to Digital Commons @ OWU

The repository can host many kinds of content including text, image, audio, and video files.  Items eligible for submission may include but are not limited to:

Professional work

  • Published articles
  • Book chapters
  • Working papers
  • Conference papers and presentations
  • Department-selected student projects
  • Open Educational Resources (OERs)
  • Department newsletters
  • Music compositions
  • Multi-media projects
  • Research data

Departmental work*

  • Department newsletters
  • Open Educational Resources (OERs)
  • Publications
  • Archival material

*Any new departmental publication submissions or collections must be endorsed by the department chair.

Faculty Submissions

There are two primary options for faculty members to contribute work to Digital Commons @ OWU:

  1. Submit information about your work using the Submission Form. (OWU Communications also uses this form for the OWU Magazine and etc.)
    • All entries submitted via this form that consent to the included Digital Commons @ OWU Submission Agreement will be reviewed for publication to the repository.
    • An OWU Librarian will be in contact to gather any necessary information about your work during our review period.  Be advised that not all entries received will be eligible for publication to Digital Commons @ OWU. 
  2. Provide the Digital Initiatives Librarian with a list of your publications or items you wish to submit.
    • Email a copy of your work (if possible) and publishing information to
    • Works to be considered for publication to Digital Commons @ OWU must each include a completed Submission Agreement.

Optional: Create a Digital Commons account.  Once work of yours is successfully submitted to Digital Commons @ OWU, you can elect to sign up for an account.  This provides you with access to an Author Dashboard where you can review, download, and share readership information.

What we do for you:

  • Review publications, determine copyright/permissions for each work, and work with you on correspondence with publishers.
  • Upload permitted material to Digital Commons @ OWU.  Access is provided in the form of a downloadable PDF file (or other suitable access formats when applicable).
    • Permission for images, charts, and other materials incorporated into the paper are the responsibility of the author.
    • Compliance with the IRB is the responsibility of the author.
    • Once your work is posted, you will receive an email containing a permanent and stable link to the item.