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ZOOL 499: Topics in Marine Biology: Home

Course Professor

Amy Downing, Ph.D.

Dr. Downing’s research examines how biological diversity and the loss of species influence ecosystem processes and ecosystem stability, with a focus on freshwater ecosystems. She approaches these questions experimentally by manipulating the diversity and composition of pond food webs in experimental ponds (cattle tanks) at the OWU Kraus Nature Preserve. Current work is focused on characterizing how the population dynamics of individual species in ecosystems interact to influence the stability of aggregate properties of ecosystems. She is the author of 20 articles and book chapters, has been involved in several international collaborations investigating the effects of biodiversity loss on ecosystems, and her work has been supported by the National Science Foundation.

Course Description

This course explores current issues facing marine systems from multiple perspectives: scientific, economic, socioeconomic, political, etc. Students will find, read, summarize, and utilize critical thinking skills with a diverse array of information sources including but not limited to primary scientific literature, media sources, internet sites, reference materials, and maps. Students will improve oral presentation skills and discussion skills as both leader and participant.