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Doing Science in the Library: Home

Science in the library??

Westheimer's Discovery: "A couple of months in the laboratory can frequently save a couple of hours in the library."

Runyon's Corollary: "A couple of hours on the internet can frequently save a couple of minutes in library."


Use the library (and the science librarian) to:

•  keep current with what's going on in your field of interest

•  maintain awareness of what's going on in other fields of interest

•  find articles and books to document facts

•  find out what has been done in an area of interest


•  reflect and contemplate

• meet and study with friends and classmates

• experience serendipity


•  learn how to use databases and catalogs

•  get help finding information


•  use our computers, laptops, and printers

•  scan a document to email, free!