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The Creative Writer's Guide To Publishing: Submissions

Want To Get Published?

As a published writer, I have experience that will complement what you learn from our outstanding creative writing faculty. I welcome the chance to workshop with students, so contact me if you're interested. 

Submitting work is scary (believe me, I know). Let me help! Use this guide and take the plunge. 

And don't be afraid of rejection...

Submission Guidelines

Match your aestheic by looking at the journal's webpage, reading submission guidelines, and reading some of its past issues.  

*Be sure to find out if they want online or print submissions.

You can submit one work to more than one journal at a time AS LONG AS all of those journals accept SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS. 

*DO NOT send more than one work or more than one genre to any one journal.   

*Wait to hear back from the journal before you submit to it again.

Keep diligent track of what you submitted where.   

*A spreadsheet or Google doc would work.

If one work is accepted by multiple journals, you should accept the journal who responded first.                                                                         

*BUT be sure to tell the rejected journal that you have other work you wish to send for their consideration.

Find Publications That Will Fit Your Work


Duotrope is an award-winning, free resource for fiction writers and poets that offers:

a fully searchable database of over 4,125 active publishers
statistics on publishers' response times, acceptance-rejection ratios, etc.
the ability to track all your submissions in your own submissions tracker.

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