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Department Librarian Contact Info
Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies (AMRS) Pete Szabo 740-368-3709 (Sanborn)
740-368-3207 (Beeghly)
Black World Studies Pete Szabo 740-368-3709 (Sanborn)
740-368-3207 (Beeghly)
Botany - Microbiology Deb Peoples 740-368-3241
Chemistry Deb Peoples 740-368-3241
Classics Dee Peterson 740-368-3240
Comparative Literature Dee Peterson 740-368-3240
East Asian Studies Joy Gao 740-368-3238
Economics Joy Gao 740-368-3238
Education Jillian Maruskin 740-368-3237
English Jillian Maruskin 740-368-3237
Environmental Studies Deb Peoples 740-368-3241
Fine Arts Pete Szabo 740-368-3709 (Sanborn)
740-368-3207 (Beeghly)
Geology and Geography Deb Peoples 740-368-3241
Health and Human Kinetics Joy Gao 740-368-3238
History Dee Peterson 740-368-3240
International Studies Dee Peterson 740-368-3240
Journalism Joy Gao 740-368-3238
Mathematics and Computer Science Dee Peterson 740-368-3240
Modern Foreign Languages Joy Gao 740-368-3238
Music Pete Szabo 740-368-3709 (Sanborn)
740-368-3207 (Beeghly)
Neuroscience Deb Peoples 740-368-3241
Philosophy Pete Szabo 740-368-3709 (Sanborn)
740-368-3207 (Beeghly)
Physics and Astronomy Deb Peoples 740-368-3241
Politics and Government Dee Peterson 740-368-3240
Psychology Deb Peoples 740-368-3241
Religion Pete Szabo 740-368-3709 (Sanborn)
740-368-3207 (Beeghly)
Sociology - Anthropology Jillian Maruskin 740-368-3237
Theater and Dance Jillian Maruskin 740-368-3237
Urban Studies Deb Peoples 740-368-3241
Women's and Gender Studies Joy Gao 740-368-3238
Zoology Deb Peoples 740-368-3241

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