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Journalism 110: Research for Obituary Writing

This guide offers suggestions on how to complete the research log for your obituary assignment.

How to Liven Up Your Obituaries

Obituaries Are Not About Death.

An obituary is a snapshot of a person's life, how they lived it, and what they are most known for. Although an obituary writer has to provide the biographical background information about who the person was on paper, it's easy to get caught up in a person's resume and lose sight of the fact that there's a story in there filled with interesting quotes and anecdotes.

"The secret of fascinating obits is pushing the résumé into the background."
Don Fry, Poynter Institute

This guide will suggest some tools and techniques useful in finding the information you'll need to not only write a basic obit but to liven it up with stories and personal quotes that will make it more interesting and more memorable.

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