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OWU Libraries 2013 Research Award: Research Process Questionnaire

Your Name:

Please discuss the types and/or formats of information sources you consulted, why you selected them, and how you determined which were the best.

List the keywords and phrases which you found to be the most productive while searching. Please list examples of the search statements you used when searching research databases.

Did you find it necessary to modify your search statements along the way? Why or why not? What kinds of changes did you make?

Name and describe the research databases you used. Discuss the distinguishing features and focus of your choices.

Select any of the following services you used to find information:

Asking a librarian for reference assistance or meeting with a liaison librarian
Requesting items through interlibrary loan
Borrowing from CONSORT and OhioLINK
Interviewing an expert on the topic
Other (please specify):

Which documentation style did you use?

What did you learn about the research process while writing this paper and what impact will this have on your future work?

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