The following is a list of assessment criteria to be used by research award judges. This form is for judges' use only and need not be submitted.

OWU Libraries 2013 Research Award: Criteria for Assessment

Name of Student Author: _________________________________________________

Name of Research Paper: _________________________________________________

Research and Content 40%
Use the responses in the research process questionnaire as well as your reading of the paper to score this section (5 points each)

_________ Appropriate database(s)
_________ Diverse information sources
_________ Shows breadth and depth in selection of sources
_________ Sophisticated search strategies
_________ Appropriate selection and use of keywords and phrases
_________ Evidence of critical evaluation of information sources
_________ Thoughtfully summarized and synthesized with writer's own ideas
_________ Unique ideas build on research information

Documentation 10% (2 points each)

_________ Sources are introduced in the text
_________ Documentation style appropriate for discipline
_________ Bibliography (references or works cited) exhibits:
          _________ Correct format of individual entries (print and online)
          _________ Correct punctuation within entries
_________ Parenthetical citations appropriate for the discipline
_________ Stated documentation style is the same as the one actually used

Organization 25% (5 points each)

_________ Introduction
_________ Clear controlling idea (or thesis) governs the entire paper
_________ Major points or sections are organized by a discernable principle
_________ Paragraphs function as units of thought and logically develop the thesis
_________ Conclusion or summation

Organization 25% (5 points each)

_________ Grammatically correct sentence structure
_________ Diction is effective and stylistically appropriate for the discipline
_________ Sentences show a mature degree of complexity and variety
_________ Graceful integration of referenced material
_________ Minimal distraction errors
          _________ Typos
          _________ Misspellings
          _________ Punctuation