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Sources related to company research

Company Reports

A company report provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of a company.

Annual Reports

  • Annual Report to Shareholders is a comprehensive report on a company's activities, and gives shareholders information about the company's activities and financial performance.

    Company Web Sites
    Annual Reports Library

  • 10-K Annual Report is a comprehensive report of a company's performance submitted annually to the Securities and Exchange Commission. It contains much more detail than the annual report to shareholders.

    LexisNexis Academic Universe
    Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage
    EDGAR Database

Analyst Reports

Analyst reports include overview and analysis of a company or industry. 

Zacks Equity Research reports via LexisNexis Academic Universe

Stock reports from Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage

Industry Reports

S&P Industry Surveys via Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage

  provides industry and market reports for 700 industries at the 5-digit level. Each report consists of 30 to 40 pages of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, major industry participants and more.

Marketline Industry Profiles in Business Source Complete

A Brief Introduction to NAICS

Company Financials

Company Strategy

10-Ks and Annual Reports to Shareholders: under Business or Management Discussion

Business Source Complete: search for articles about your company using search term "strategic planning".

Peer Analysis

Peer Analysis from Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage makes it easy to study your competitors.

SWOT Analysis

Marketline Company Report from Business Source Complete: look for section called SWOT analysis.

Supply Chain

10-Ks and Annual Reports to Shareholders: look for terms such as supply chain, logistics, purchasing, or transportation within the text

Business Source Complete: search for articles on your company using such terms as supply chain, logistics, purchasing, transportation, distribution

Articles from Newspapers, Magazines and Trade Publications

Finding Comparable Companies

Business Source Complete: generate a list by using NAICS code (North American Industry Classification System)

LexisNexis Academic: select Create a Company List, and use NAICS code

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage: in a company overview, use Quick Comp for peer companies OR click Primary Industry Classification to locate more companies in that field