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ENG 105 - Long

Periodicals Overview

Periodicals include popular magazines, newspapers, and academic journals. These may contain news, original research, opinion pieces, and other types of information. While many magazines and newspapers offer some articles for free online, academic articles can typically only be found through specialized tools like Academic Search Complete or Google Scholar.

Below, I will provide a handful of reasonably reliable, trusted news sources. Some will lean to the left, some will lean to the right, but all could be useful. If you want help deciding whether or not to trust a source, the next page of this guide has a few simple tips that you might be able to use.

Some Reliable Periodicals

Below, I have included a short list of resources that publish longform, non-academic essays that you may find helpful. This is by no means a complete list, and is not meant to be. Instead, these are just a few potential places to look if you are struggling.