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ENG 105 - Long

Searching for Sources

Sometimes, the language you use to do a search isn't the same as the language other people used writing that information. For instance...

You might want to write a paper about how movies help shape the global image of America, but find very few resources on 'movies'. So you try 'film', but still don't find what you're looking for. Did you consider motion pictures? Probably not -- but that will lead to more resources, and resources you may have otherwise missed! You can use that to expand outwards. What if, instead of 'Hollywood', you searched motion picture industry?

One of the hardest things about doing research is finding the right words. Sometimes it takes me a dozen searches before I really figure out how to phrase my search properly. That doesn't mean I'm bad at research; that is research!


CONSORT is the online catalog shared by OWU, Denison, Kenyon, and Wooster. Search here to find books, magazines, music, and video.


The OhioLINK catalog allows you to search libraries throughout the state and request items to be delivered to you here at OWU. 

*If your item isn't available via OhioLINK request it through Interlibrary Loan.