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Special Collections Department Guide for Student Classes

Using the online OWU Transcript

Getting in:

Go to

  • Type The Transcript in search box <Enter>
  • Click on The Transcript

Searching: (example -- looking for articles on Vietnam)

Select Advanced Search

The following comes up:

All of the Words     Wesleyan    Source    (This must be present for every search)

Select Add another field and type in your keyword

The Exact Phrase    Vietnam       All Fields

You may also limit by date – Click search by date after you have entered your keyword

Click on Search


Your results will appear in order by newspaper title. Click on Date above date column to sort your results by date. Use Next to move from one page of results to the next.

To view an issue, click on the thumbnail. The location of your term will be highlighted in coral on the page. Use the zoom bar (- to +) to zoom in and out. Left click on your mouse to move around the page.

Note: The page(s) where your term appears will be marked with a red asterisk (*) in the thumbnail column on the right hand side of the screen.