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Politicals & Government Department

Politics and Government
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Elliott Hall
Tel: 740-368-3780
Fax: 740-368-3644
Chairperson: Dr. James Franklin

Dr. Franklin's Website

The following website was created by Dr. Franklin to assist students in finding helpful information for his classes. Included on the website are syllabi for his courses as well as a schedule of class work due for the week.

How to Use This Guide

Welcome to the guide for Dr. Franklin's section of Political Inquiry, PG 279. This guide was created to help students in Dr. Franklin's class successfully complete the course's major assignments: Analytic Book Review, Research Proposal, Scholarly Literature Review, and Research Report. Here students will find quick tips for identifying credible and scholarly sources, a bibliography of helpful databases, web sites and statistical resources, as well as instructions for locating the best citation guides available for the discipline.  If you discover you have questions or need help beyond this guide, please contact Audrey Heisel, library liaison to the Politics & Government Department.