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Includes new Education titles, tips for finding journal articles from Education databases, and information on using APA citation style.


Web2.0 technologies are fantastic, to be sure, but before you utilize them in your classroom you must:

Educate yourself! 

Be sure you know the ins and outs of how to use the application.  Do some sample projects.  You will serve as the "help desk" for your students.

Use discretion! 

Is this technology relevant to your project?  Age appropriate?  Content appropriate?



Go2Web20 is an easy to use directory of web2.0 technologies.  Items are categorized, rated, and summarized to help you easily choose the best web technologies to use in your classroom.  Go2Web20 includes links to where these technologies are mentioned elsewhere on the web, such as in blogs or on Twitter.  Use Go2Web20 to learn about technologies such as Wordle, Xtranormal, Bubblesnaps, and more! 


Web2.0 technologies are an exciting way to get your students involved and enthusiastic about classroom work.  Why have your students write an old fashioned research paper when they can create a class wiki or blog?  Are you an art teacher?  Have your students do multimedia presenations of their portfolios. 

Examples of Web2.0 Technologies for Use in the Classroom


A humerous take on Shakespeare's Hamlet.  I added a silly thought bubble to an image of the pensive prince.


I entered part of Hamlet's famous "to be or not to be" soliloquy and created a Wordle.  Students can use Wordle to spark creativity, re-imagine phrases, generate ideas, and create thoughtful soliloquies of their own.


Prezi is a web-based presentation application that can help you keep your students visually stimulated.  Check out the presentation Beth Goodwin made for an eighth grade English class:

Prezi presentation